Today the $50 were sent to www.vishneva.ru.
A Russian Foundation for the Coordinated Development of Ballet led by talented Diana Vishneva.

Сегодня $50 были отосланы в фонд www.vishneva.ru.
В фонд содействия развитию балетного искусства Дианы Вишнёвой.
Today the $50 were sent to www.starikam org.
A Russian oranisation that helps people in retirement homes. They also run such cool project as “Letters to nan”


Сегодня $50 были отосланы в фонд www.starikam.org.
Фонд "Старость в радость" - помогает людям в домах престарелых и ведет такие крутые проекты как "Письма бабушке".
Today the $50 were sent to www.medclown.ru.
A Russian oranisation that helps children in hospitals get better by using art-therapy, play-therapy and clown performances.


Сегодня $50 были отосланы в фонд www.medclown.ru.
АНО "Больничные клоуны" - помогают выздоравливать детям, находящимся на стационарном лечении. Не лекарствами, а средствами клоунады, арт-терапии и игротерапии, создавая позитивные эмоции.
So it's 10 days to the Save The Day episode.
And I sent $50 to www.otkazniki.ru.
A Russian fund that helps orphan babies that are left alone in the hospitals after being born.

Cause "Doctor Who loves babies"
10 дней до премьеры.
И сегодня отослала $50 в фонд
"Отказники" - благотворительный фонд, волонтеры в помощь детям-сиротам.

Потому что Доктор "любит детей"
Lately I've been a bit stuck and my husband got very sick so I decided to send some good vibes into the universe.

I am a big Doctor Who fan
and in ten days - on 23 November 2013 - is the release of the 50th episode of Doctor Who series. I decided to celebrate this event with donating $50 to a charity for each day of the countdown.

I would love everybody to join in and do some 50 Good Things In The Name Of The Doctor. Any 50 good things to cherish the love for humanity, animalia and aliens that Doctor Who brings into the world.

Please, if you decide to join post about/photo your good deeds and mark the post with #savetheday and #50inthenameofthedoctor hashtags. I will be posting mine here for each of the ten days.

Have a nice fiftieth!

My drawing of an event within Mowcow City Festival.

A cute spot organised by Cardboardia.com - a small company that makes all sorts of happy stuff from cardboard -  where you could put on a cardboard tree costume and walk around the park in it during the festival.

Inspired by Brecht Evens.
So I've been sewing a lot lately. Surprisingly for my dog. She had an operation done and needs protection for the stiches. Naturally she is a hell of a princess as it comes to sticking with one outfit for at least one whole day.
And just to get quicker to something creative - here is a painting I did a week ago as a study for a larger piece.
It's a swamp in one of Russian's nature reserves where my husband works occasionaly.
Hi, I'm Inna. I am an artist. And yesterday as it always happens I had a small epiphany. One of my fellow students at The Art Department Michel Karsouny suggested a book by Steven Pressfield "Do The Work". With the best possible marketing line for the book "There's a nice audio version too". That was the best motivational read ever.

And the thing that influenced me the most were not even the ideas but the form. With the language full of visual metaphors and personal stories with irony towards the narrator. Story of a person with it's own real voice. I remembered my favourite Ralph Steadman and Marshal Arisman and David Shrigley who are just happy being themselves. Best thing in the world.

This is my first blog and I will try to find my voice while writing it. So naturally at first it will be arty all over the place as is my portfolio now. So be it. This is just a start.