Today the $50 were sent to www.vishneva.ru.
A Russian Foundation for the Coordinated Development of Ballet led by talented Diana Vishneva.

Сегодня $50 были отосланы в фонд www.vishneva.ru.
В фонд содействия развитию балетного искусства Дианы Вишнёвой.


Doctors should be polite and honest in terms of providing health care services. There are many unwanted situations will come in front of doctors, but they should overcome and deliver the health care to the needy patients.

06/05/2016 12:07pm

All the doctors are always give very good hopes to their patients and it is doctors that can make the patents very good. They give them the hope to live again and the patents trust on them. I always get motivation from these doctors.

09/09/2016 12:22pm

Education tells us how to make a powerful personality in front of the society. in which we can say that if the person is educated so he knows very well, how he can make a personality in front of the society with the help of education.

02/07/2017 3:19am

03/22/2017 2:42am

I am a big Dr. Who fan. That's why I love this illustration. Good job!


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